Press Release

One Hand Clap explores the role of conversation in art-making. Whether in dialogue between artworks relocated from the studio to the exhibition space, or in an artwork conveying a message to viewers, conversation is initiated. Bringing together a group of artists from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds, this weeklong exhibition approaches the title from a myriad of angles. Variously and collectively, the work addresses the frustrations and the failures of communication, mines the potential of art to open up an imagined world, and examines different modes of narrative and story-telling through art making. These converging ideas, housed in Ada Street Gallery’s two-storey space, provide an opportunity for reflection and discussion. There will also be a programme of curated performance events that take over the gallery by night.

Dial Zero is a group of artists who graduated from Goldsmiths in 2007. Since then we have scattered, re-locating to different cities and countries to continue practising in a rich variety of media including filmmaking, performance, sculpture, drawing and painting. Dial Zero aims to build a network of individuals that enables the discussion of artwork as a stimulus or focusing exercise, not just for the development of personal practice, but to explore different ways of existing as an artist within the world.

Dial Zero will punctuate this ongoing discussion with annual exhibitions investigating the various subjects that arise. The project, then, becomes cumulative. Since many of us move between countries to live and work, exhibitions will travel each year to engage with the audiences and cultures that inform our practices. In the years to come we hope to support each other through a range of projects, exhibitions, collaborations and events that will sustain and stimulate an understanding of our individual practices and nurture ideas. Further information about Dial Zero and its individual artists, and about One Hand Clap at Ada Street Gallery can be found on our website.